The use of mediation to avoid conflict even in sensitive cultural and political matters.

Just read an interesting post about mediation and political religious issues.

Disputes that arise because one of the parents changed religion, what about the children?

Mediation would be a good way for parties to try and reach consensus, and the parties would be political religious and civil society actors who really need to explore, and I’m using her words here, “Explore alternative mechanisms for managing the tensions that exist.

Now, apparently these court cases, these custody disputes, but also others, are very high profile, in the sense that they get a lot of publicity, they’re in the newspapers. The way things are going on, as she writes, it just deepens the tensions and further polarizes of the different religious groups and the ethnic groups within Malaysia. She sees mediation playing a potentially key role in domestic political dispute management.

I agree with this view. Mediation is not only about conflict but also and more important about interests. That is why mediation can be used even to avoid conflict.



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