Reading the post of a Transformative mediator about Trumps election and how to react.

My comment on to the following article of Dan Simon.


Why do I love this article? Why my mind was reacting to the title? The post is full of questions. Just asking all these questions from stillness inside. Taking distance from your own reactions (like you asked in a question), is already a path to peace. The most beautiful thing that I discovered on my path of studying conflict and peace, is that I learned that I don’t even have to find answers. Just being aware and asking those questions as you do in your post, even about yourself, bring positive energy to you. You open your heart and open your mind to bring positive to you. And when you feel you want to act, than you act from the positive and from there you don’t ask to many questions anymore. Why? Because you don’t know the answer to them. Just acting from the positive is ok. Have a great day.

Why I reacted to this post?
I loved the article because mostly people react with expressing their opinion while Dan is asking questions…
Even about himself. No opinion.

Do we really always have to react and to have an opinion?

Love it!






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