Why it is important to certify mediators? How to implement mediation in a country? Interview with Irena Vanenkova.

This interview with Irena Vanenkova, executive director of IMI from 2007 to 2018, in Romania is inspiring, to reflect on this question.

First of all, competent mediators want to be distinguished from others.

Also people consulting a mediator to assist them in the mediation process, have the right to a professional that masters mediation skills and has the knowledge to mediate a conflict.

I have my own opinion about the value of experience when you already are skilled and when you have the knowledge. Experience can be important because it can be a source of knowledge but not necessarily…
Hereby link to a French article I wrote on expérience… Some people are doing the same things wrong all over again and they also have experience.

The essence is that the competence of a mediator consists of knowledge, skills (and experience).

Another beautiful saying of Irena Vanenkova is: ‘nothing is an obligation’.
Of course she said it in this context but she reflects the open spirit that a mediator needs to master to help people. Also she uses the words “to help” a lot. Respect!

Deep mediation spirit is in attitude, the way of speech, vision. To live it!
Savoir être. To master the profession.

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The biggest source of conflict is lack of compassionated communication.

How many people consider themselves as mediators while they are not? A lot of lawyers and politicians do but they are not.
Others see mediation as part of cultures, traditions. But everything is in evolution. What once helped to solve conflicts is not helping anymore or is not applied anymore. Mediation is a neutral, independent process that can be used worldwide, cross border.

People talk a lot, fast and superficial, but communicate less. They don’t take the time to deeply listen and understand with compassion. Because of that, there is more conflict. An holistic approach of mediation is the only why forward to prevent and to solve conflicts.
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In a country like Burundi, where I reside and where it is my dream to contribute to peace, mediation could help everybody a lot. From the prevention of conflict to the resolution of conflicts.

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You can only return to peace if you understand and accept conflict and you truly want to return to peace! Mediation can help to return to peace.

All stakeholders (Government, private sector, public sector) could think of establishing an independent national mediation institute, council, … to implement a qualified assessment program.

Implementing a national mediation institute in Burundi, will contribute to a more open spirit to mediate (prevention and resolution of) conflicts than to ‘fight’ for peace… Because when you fight, you fight… (tweet this)

Peace be with you! Amahoro! Salam Eleikum!
Stephan Doukhopelnikoff

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