My view on Mediation


Solving a conflict is not about a solution.
It is about bringing clarity to confusion first.
After discovering clarity, look for a solution
that doesn’t confuse even more.” 

I am not conventional. I accept there are systems, structures, titles in our Lives and in society. Those systems, structures, titles (however high they might be) are limited because created by our limited minds and limited knowledge.

Keeping your mind and heart open, stimulates you to discover and to learn more about the unknown.

The source of a conflict is unknown to you (even when you think you know), when it is presented to you as a mediator.

People, Life, Peace and Happiness are my passion.

Because of the dynamics of Life, what was yesterday, is not today and not tomorrow. So we have to constantly adapt, accept, learn.

We can not fully trust our own judgement based on past experiences and taught knowledge.

Mediation is a real solution to solve conflicts because it is not as static as law is.

Mediation can not be the subject of traditional structures and systems.

Mediation is not about control. Mediation is also not about letting go and accepting everything what comes on the path of discovery.

Mediation is taking distance from the preconceptions of our own minds to discover what really is, not what our minds tell us what we see.

From that discovery we can see if change is necessary in the now, to come to peace. Because ‘deep listening’, as a mediator, is already coming to peace.

Mediation is a path to peace.

Conflict is about ‘the mind’.

Peace is always there. It is ‘the confused mind’ that doesn’t see it.
Most conflicts are not about problems or solutions but about confusion.

Confusion needs clarity not ‘a solution’.

A solution is a product of the mind and can or bring more clarity or can even confuse more. So before talking about solutions, see that everybody involved comes to clarity otherwise there is still conflict whatever solution will arise.