‘People, happiness and peace are my passion’

The goal of Stephan Doukhopelnikoff is to contribute to world peace by mediating conflicts.

Stephan has an holistic approach to avoid and solve conflicts. Listening is ‘key’.

He holds a degree from Europe (EMTPJ) and Africa (Cape Town University of Law).



As a negotiator, lawyer legal coach he assists you personally  in all of your business activities, especially those involving the internet, in Central, Southern Africa and East African Union.

For 27 years he specialises in offering personally, completely independent services to international clients. He is free from he restrictions that come with belonging to a large firm. He provides personal assistance to each and every client, drawing on his worldwide network.



Activities and rewards:
1989: Three months after oath Winner of international pleading contest
1990: President local political junior party JONG VLD
1992: Financial manager of Algiro Holding Ltd, international family business
1992: President of regional political junior liberal party Jong VLD Limburg
1993: Board member of Willemsfonds Sint-Truiden, local cultural organization.
1997-2001: Board member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Award Limburg
1999: President of local JCI Chapter JCI Haspengouw
2000-2003: President of Open VLD Sint-Truiden, local liberal party.
2000: First Speaker on Legal Aspects of the Internet
2004: District Officer JCI Limburg
2004: JCI Senator 64. 632
2004: Founder of Legalscan.net
2005-2006: International Euro-African Communication Project
2007: Local Lawyers Worldwide.com
2011: Miami, USA: speaker on trust and virtual law firm, foundation of TheOnlineBar.org
2013: European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice / Belgian Mediator
2014: First Belgian Attorney App:Advopresto.com
2015: Mediation is business matters Cape Town University of Law




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